5 Tips for Photo Labeling (Before They Become Tragically Unidentified)!

“Awesome photo! I wonder who it is?” Any museum professional or family historian understands how tragic it is to stare at an amazing old photo—and have no clue as to […]

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Top 6 Reasons to Listen to Old Time Radio Shows

I’m an 80’s girl. I grew up in the era of big hair, leg warmers, and Whitney Houston. Unlike my teen peers, I had an unusual interest in the “oldies.” […]

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5 Holly Jolly Christmas Artifacts

As of 2018, Edmond has proof of 130 Christmas seasons under her belt. Here’s our list of Top 5 Holly Jolly historical treasures from the vault at the Edmond History […]

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The Cool and Quirky Kodak Camera

I’ve always loved photography and it’s been a hobby of mine on and off since I graduated from high school. I love researching all the cameras and photography-related artifacts in […]

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Railroad Tracks

Do You Know How Edmond Started Quiz

What caused the town of Edmond to form? (answers at bottom) The West Edmond Oil Boom Santa Fe Railroad 1889 Land Run Settlement 2. What was the first structure built […]

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Ain’t We Got Fun? The Edmond Version of the 1920s

By Amy Dee Stephens We all have iconic Gatsby images in our mind about the 1920s—the drinking, the partying, the jazz, the rebellion. NOT in Edmond. By American standards, Edmond […]

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Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

One of my favorite artifacts in the entire collection, not just the Snapshots exhibit, is a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera from 1974. Although Polaroid’s “instant” cameras had been around since […]

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Typewriters: Underwood and Remington

By Brandy Smith Hello, everyone! Just your friendly neighborhood intern here.  As a full-time UCO student, the homework can be monstrous, especially on my old laptop which is big, bulky, […]

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Why Edmond Armory Matters

Why The Edmond Armory Matters

I’ve never seen a ghost in the Edmond History Museum & Museum–but I haven’t ruled it out.  The 1936 National Guard armory that houses the museum is ripe for a […]

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