Clubs & Organizations

Colonel Henry H. Moose served in the Civil War before settling in Edmond

Every town has its share of various clubs and organizations. These
clubs and organizations can be divided into several groups: business,
flower and garden, social, fraternal and youth. One of the earliest
clubs organized in Edmond was the Edmond Masonic Chapter established
in 1890. Colonel Henry H. Moose was instrumental in its organization.

Between 1906 and 1928 there was an increase in the establishment of
clubs. By 1906 the settlers had built their homes and established
businesses. There was now more free time to become involved in various
clubs and town activities. Some of the early clubs established during
this time: PEO Chapter D, Farm Women’s Club, Cambridge Club,
First Families of Edmond Club, Belles Lettres Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis
Club and the Edmond Iris Garden and Flower Club. Each of these clubs
had a mission and helped to support various needs of the town. The
Edmond Iris Garden and Flower Club helped beautify city parks, gardens
and school grounds. The First Families of Edmond Club enjoyed celebrating
a silver tea each year in honor of George Washington’s birthday.
The ladies dressed in period gowns and wore the well-known white wigs.

In 1920 the Edmond Federation of Clubs was organized by the Belles
Lettres Club, Cambridge Club and Farm Women’s Club. This organization
established two lily ponds on Boulevard in the early 1940’s.
Today these ponds are used as flower gardens.

Clubs and organizations created for Edmond youths were on the whole
established later with the exception of the Camp Fire organization
that was established in Edmond in 1913. Both the Edmond Boy Scouts
and 4-H clubs were established in the early 1930’s.