Edmond Athletics

The citizens of Edmond have always enjoyed participating in a variety of sports and leisure activities. As Edmond developed the earliest activities included corn husking parties, quilting bees and barn raisings. These activities included work but involved socializing with neighbors and friends. The Great Outdoors has always lured humans out to enjoy its beauty. Early outdoor activities included county fairs, ice-skating, crochet, fishing and a variety of sporting events. Games and activities enjoyed indoors included roller skating, playing musical instruments, cards and board games. The first skating rink in Edmond consisted of a 60’X90’ maple floor covered by a large tent.

In 1915 the Manual Training class at Central State Normal School built a swimming pool behind Old North Tower.  This pool was famous for its red muddy water. The Edmond Kiwanis helped establish a large swimming pool at Fifth and Boulevard in 1930 to teach children how to swim and as part of a sports program. This pool was utilized until 1958 when a pool was built on Broadway.

Edmond is honored to be the home to several professional athletes. These athletes include:

  • Golf professionals David and Danny Edwards
  • Football Professional Paul Blair
  • Rodeo Professional Dan Daily
  • Baseball Professionals Lou Kretlow, Jim Gentile, Cal McLish
  • Olympic Gymnastic Champion Shannon Miller

Note: The Sports and Leisure Activities Exhibit was previously funded by a grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund.

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