Home School Day at the 1889 Schoolhouse

1889 Schoolhouse 124 E. 2nd Street, Edmond, Oklahoma

Join us for a day of school at the 1889 Schoolhouse! At this program, students will go back in time to reenact an 1889 school day. Students will experience 5 […]

Monarch Butterfly Celebration

North America’s most mysterious butterfly usually flies through Edmond, OK in late September and early October. This beautiful insect gains our admiration, but it needs our help for future survival. Learn more about the monarch and how YOU can help using simple tools and practices. This flutter-by (come-and-go) program, for children and adults, will be […]


Toddler Tales: C is for Cooking

C is for Cooking- where little learners become little chefs! Join us in discovering how cooking has impacted our town of Edmond. We offer fun, safe, and interactive activities that explore history, present culinary skills, and introduce basic phonics. Get ready to stir up some excitement in your child's learning! This is a free program, […]