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  • Virtual Exhibit: Edmond’s African American History: Land Run to Integration

    This exhibit was originally developed as a companion piece to the traveling exhibit The Power of Children, which EHS&M hosted in the fall of 2017. It has been expanded and […]

  • Edmond Armory History

    Step through the front door of the Edmond History Museum & Museum and immediately enter our community’s history. This building was constructed in 1936, built as the Armory of the 179th Infantry, 45th Division […]

  • First Sidewalk

    Edmond “Firsts”

    First Church St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was completed and dedicated June 24, 1889. It was located on the corner of Boulevard and First Street. This was the first church building […]

  • Broncho Theater

    Broncho Theater and Hospital

    The Broncho Theater By 1929, the age of the “talkies” arrived and older theaters had gone out of business in Edmond. A two-story building on the corner of Main and […]

  • 1889 Territorial Schoolhouse

    The Schoolhouse is open to the public on Saturdays from 1:00-4:00 pm and by appointment at 405-715-1889. Representatives from the Edmond Historic Preservation Trust, owners of the schoolhouse, provide tours to […]

  • Childers

    A Letter From 1889

    The following letter was written by Mrs. Elma Childers in May of 1889, to family just 19 days after the Land Run of April 22, 1889 establishing the town of […]

  • Notable Niners

    Hardy Cryer Anglea Hardy Cryer Anglea was one of the first to arrive in Edmond on April 22, 1889. His claim house was one of the first homes built in Edmond, […]

  • Sod Barn

    Soddies, Dug-Outs and Claim Houses

    Sod Houses and Barns With limited natural resources, early settlers to Edmond built their homes from sod. A typical sod house was about fourteen feet by sixteen feet. About an […]

  • I Was Lonesome, Awful Lonesome

    The Run of 1889 is an interesting chapter in Oklahoma’s history, as it marked the beginning of settlement of the former Indian Territory. On the heels of the Run of […]

  • Railroad Tracks

    A Coaling And Water Station

    Watering Stop for Passing Trains From Left: Edmond’s Water Well, The Pump House and Water Tank on Stilts with a standpipe for watering passing trains. In the foreground, the small […]