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  • Broncho Theater

    Broncho Theater and Hospital

    The Broncho Theater By 1929, the age of the “talkies” arrived and older theaters had gone out of business in Edmond. A two-story building on the corner of Main and […]

  • Royce Cafe

    Royce Cafe

    Royce and Neva Adamson opened the Royce Cafe in 1933. Located at Fourth and Broadway in Edmond, the building was made from native red sandstone. Customers enjoyed 24-hour service with […]

  • Wide A Wake Cafe

    Wide-Awake Cafe

    Originally called the “Night & Day” in 1927 when it was first built, the Wide-A-Wake Cafe was open to Route 66 travelers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. […]

  • Bradbury Station

    Bradbury Corner

    Everett Bradbury established Bradbury Station in 1923, located approximately at the southwest corner of the current intersection of Second and Interstate 35. This original site consisted of a one-acre plot […]

  • Schools: What’s In a Name?

    Are you curious about how your Edmond school got its name? ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Angie Debo Elementary School Angie Debo (January 30, 1890 – February 21, 1988) was an American historian […]

  • Agricultural Life

    At the time of the 1889 Land Run, Oklahoma consisted of a wilderness of prairie and forest lands that offered a new chance for American farmers. Edmond is located geographically near the […]

  • Notable Niners

    Hardy Cryer Anglea Hardy Cryer Anglea was one of the first to arrive in Edmond on April 22, 1889. His claim house was one of the first homes built in Edmond, […]

  • I Was Lonesome, Awful Lonesome

    The Run of 1889 is an interesting chapter in Oklahoma’s history, as it marked the beginning of settlement of the former Indian Territory. On the heels of the Run of […]

  • Daisy

    Kentucky Daisy

    All the Makings of a Western Legend… Edmond is home to the tall tale of “Kentucky Daisy” … As the story is told…with her pistol tucked in her waistband, and stakes […]

  • 1920s Exhibit

    1920s Edmond: Ain’t We Got Fun?

    Do you think the Roarin’ Twenties are the bees knees? Visit the 1920s Edmond: Ain’t We Got Fun? exhibit at the Edmond History Museum & Museum for a satisfying dose […]