FB 2019 biennial Heritage Awards[3224]


APRIL 12   •   6 – 8 PM   •   VENUE 102


Performance by Kyle Dillingham and Horseshoe Road, with Peter Markes and Brent Saulsbury

Heavy hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine

Tickets $50 each

The 2019 bi-annual Heritage Awards will honor the Edmond Hope Center, Edmond Mobile Meals, and Breakfast on Boulevard at First Christian Church for Community Service, the Edmond Parks and Recreation Visual Arts Tours, LibertyFest, and author David Farris for Historic Arts, The Patriarch partners, builder Craig Brudzinski, and Dr. Brad Fielding of Parkside Clinic for Historic Site preservation, and Roll of Honor awardees Pete Reeser, Hal French and Richard Sias for their long time commitment to the museum and Edmond’s history.


Tickets are no longer available for this event. 

Roll of Honor and Preservation Awards 1981-2017

1981 (In conjunction with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce)

B. Everett Bryant, Minnie Sue Fleming, John B. Moore, Dr. Ralph E. Payne, W. Custer Service

1982 (In conjunction with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce)

(Historical) M. O. Baggerley, W. A. Chitwood, Anton Classen, Lucy Juston Hampton, M. E. Ramey, Milton “Kickingbird” Reynolds, J. H. Snyder, Willie Spearman, M. D. Thatcher, E. B. Townsend

(Inductees) Mel Dixon, Juanita Delbridge, Garland Godfrey, Rex Sandifer, Bob Rice

1983 (In conjunction with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce)

Alvin Alcorn, Sidney C. Bray, Guy M. Rankin, Everette Carl Hafer, “Miss Alice” Weaver Johnson, Dorothea Meagher

1984 ( In conjunction with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce)

(Historical) Charlie Johnson

(Inductees) Mo Anderson, J. R. “Bob” Ray, Carl Reherman, Bob Rudkin, Fred Snyder, Phil Watson

1985 (In conjunction with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce)

(Historical) Dr. John Woodville Howard, J. Wendell Simmons

(Inductees) Ted Anderson, John Kessler, Oren Lee Peters

1986 (In conjunction with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce)

Quimby Cloyce Enterline, John W. Thomas, Viola Brown Thompson, John C. Stone, W. H. Roberts


Eva Hiatt Kirkland, Samuel G. Fennema, Boyd Bradbury


(Roll of Honor) Jeanette A Bode, Mrs. Jennie Forster

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Central State University – Evans Hall

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Orvis Risner 5th Grade Class

(Preservation Award – Community Service) St. John the Baptist Catholic Church


(Roll of Honor) Dr. Stanley W. Hoig, James Brown, John Pfaff

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Gower Memorial Cemetery, Myrtle Thomas

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Dr. Stanley W. Hoig – Edmond – The First Century

(Preservation Award – Community Service) The Honorable Carl Reherman


(Roll of Honor) Osa Lee Banzett, Ray Devereaux, Gottlob Henry Fink, George C. Forster, James Kunc

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) The Arcadian Inn – Hall family

(Preservation Award -Historic Arts) Edmond Booster & Enterprise – Don & Osa Lee Banzett

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Robert L. Bryan


(Roll of Honor) Milton W. “Kickingbird” Reynolds, Isaac W. Rodkey, Stanley W. Kunc

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) “Stake Your Claim,” Janis Montgomery, The Edmond Evening Sun, Ed Livermore

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Jeanette Bode

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Geneva Hudson, Quimby Enterline


(Honor Roll) John Lewis Mitch, Roy E. Yoesting, Alice B. Thompson, Carolyn C. Vance

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Arni Anderson – Pencil Sketches

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Stanley W. Kunc, Lucille Warrick


(Honor Roll) John Kessler, Emiel H. Suenram, Melvin A. Dixon, Crawford & Freda Spearman

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Shadid & Schaus Building, Randel Shadid and Steven Schaus

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Draegon Gate Studio – Edmond Centennial Mural

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Quimby Enterline

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award -Jane Harnden, Frances Nichols, Marjorie Meggs


(Roll of Honor) Anton Classen, Kyle V. Maxwel, Louis Gifford Parkhurst

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) John W. Howard House, 607 N. Boulevard -Jim & Mary White

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) The Honorable Russell Hall – Edmond Historic Houses Books I and II

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Marjorie Meggs, Robert Schiermeyer

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Vieva Yoesting, Ruby Holliday


(Roll of Honor) Professor John Davis, Nova Cox, Shannon Miller

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) The Angel House, 203 E. Main – David & Catherine Pendley

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Russell Dougherty Elementary School

(Honor Roll) John, Cordella & Charles Steen, Guy & Fairlie Maye Rankin, Clarence & Vieva Yoesting

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Jesse & Marilynn Bosley

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Charles Lamb, Fred P. Snyder, Sr.


(Roll of Honor) Bettie Howell, Edna Fansher Fox, Robert (Bob) T. Rice

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) 300 E. Seventh, Lynn Young & Dave Fahey

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Sandra Stratton, Dr. James Crowder, Jr.


(Roll of Honor) Marilyn Wantland, Kay Bickham, Dr. Luther Whitfield (Whit) Marks

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Parsons Jewelry – Ellen Parsons, Jackie Griffin, Kenneth Griffin


(Roll of Honor) Frances Kunc Nichols, Carol Ann Roberts, Dr. Joe C. Jackson

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Rodkey Home – Henry & Janice Saulnier

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Showdown on Two Street – Dr. Samuel Magrill, Gracelawn Cemetery Records – Larry Rankin


(Roll of Honor) Arthur Mae & Ruth Jane Pearce, Ted Anderson, Bob Rudkin

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Harold Stump, Barry T. Rice


(Roll of Honor) Alvin Alcorn, Madge Goodrich, Lucille Gerald

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Edmond Life & Leisure

(Preservation Award – Community Service) David Odle, Edmond Women’s Club


(Roll of Honor) Quimby C. Enterline, Dr. Wayne H. Roberts, Jan Pokorny Steele

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Market Depot – Randy Allen

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) “A Century of Influence” series – James Coburn

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Linda J. Jones

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Quimby Enterline, Harold Stump


(Roll of Honor) Randel Shadid, Dr. Harry Kocurek, Eloise Rodkey Rees

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) 204 E. Second Street – Tom Prince, Attorney at Law

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Edmond Chronicles – Laura Nigliazzo

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Georgia Sparks, Joe Eisele, Verda Kenworthy, Vieva Yoesting, Pat Wilson


(Roll of Honor) Oren Lee Peters, Laynie Harrod

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Gene Lesseg, Contractor – 1889 Territorial Schoolhouse

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Rich Muno

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Brenda Granger

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Tony Stump, Larry Rankin, Donna Stewart


(Roll of Honor) Saundra Gragg Naifeh, Jerry James, Marilyn Shewmaker, Neal Little

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) 1889 Edmond Public Schoolhouse – Edmond Historic Preservation Trust

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Dr. Bob Palmer

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Georgia Sparks

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Jim Hagar, Gloria Tate


(Roll of Honor) Beverly Terry, Dr. Warren Smith

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Sanders Photo/1889 Schoolhouse – Paul and Kim Sanders

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Jim Argo

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Mark Rodolf

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Dot Norman


(Roll of Honor) Burnis Argo, Marilyn Williams

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Kivlehen House

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Randel Shadid

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Jennifer Hibbard


(Roll of Honor) Mo Anderson, The Honorable Alan Synar

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Dr. James Crowder, Orren Mixer

(Preservation Award – Community Service) Pat Goodin

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Gary Wallace, Millie Prewitt


(Roll of Honor) Major General Rita Aragon, Mitzi Hancuff, Ken and Gae Rees

(Preservation Award – Historic Sites) Edmond Public Schools, Boulevard Academy

George Winters, Architect for the 1889 Territorial Schoolhouse and historic Edmond homes

(Preservation Award – Historic Arts) Curt Munson, Edmond Parks Foundation

(Preservation Award – Community Service) UCO@125 Celebration, Downtown Walking Tours – Edmond Historic Preservation Trust, Gary Wallace

300+ Hours Volunteer Service Award – Sara Memmott, Marty Miller, Debbie Ritter, Ed Scheihing

2017 Honorees:

Roll of Honor: 

  • Newton Weiss for his role in acquisition of artifacts and service on the Board of Directors
  • The Kerr Foundation, Inc. for long-term financial support and service on the Board of Directors

Community Service: 

  • Citizen’s Bank of Edmond for Heard on Hurd
  • DEBA for helping keep Downtown Edmond alive and flourishing
  • Carol Wright for service to the Trust and Society and the community

Historic Arts: 

  • Dwight Polson & Eric Smith for Roots of Edmond videos

Historic Sites: 

  • Jonathan Marks for restoration and renovations of various locations
  • First United Methodist Church and Robert Holloway, general contractor for restoration and renovations to the Church
  • City of Edmond for the Rodkey House preservation and restoration

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