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Business Members – Parkside Family Eyecare and Optical, Dr. Brad Fielding

                           Evans & Davis, PLLC – Bryan Evans and Dustin Davis Attorneys

                            Edmond Media Publishing – Ray Hibbard

Contributing Members -Mr. and Mrs. Chip Chipman, Ms. Laura Sebourn, Mrs. Sonja Capucille, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Randal Shadid, Ms. Jo Ann Dougherty Compton, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Westmoreland, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blankenship, Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Schlaht, Ms. Georgia Fiering, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Waner, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Smith

Family Members – Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Logan, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Simmonds, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Waner, Ms. Anna Gonse, Mr. and Mrs. Trey Bize, Mr. and Mrs. Dan O’Neil, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Naifeh, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin, Dr. Sam Magrill and Pam Richardson, Mr. Robert Means, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cahalan, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hancuff, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Memmott, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Korenblit, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Naifeh, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schaus, Ms. Sherri Biggs, Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Medina, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Mantor, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Aven, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Storm

Individual Members – Mr. Ken Moore, Ms. Linda Horn, Ms. Patricia Marsh, Mr. Dustin Davis, Ms. Lori Davidson, Ms. Kathy Burd, Ms. Madilynn Dobson, Ms. Debbie Ritter, Ms. Carol Thompson, Mr. Heath Hornbeek, Mr. William Blanchard, Vicki Malave, Al Warren, Ms. Carol Wright, Prosperity Bank, Christopher Price, Ms. Barbara Grafrath

Senior Members – Ms. Barbara Klein, Ms. Donna Stewart, Mr. James Watson, Ms. Kay Bickham, Dr. JoAnn Adams, Ms. Roberta Hollis, Mr. Gene Davis, Dr. Richard Lester, Ms. Cindy Young, Ms. Hilde Johnson, Ms. Kaye Sullins, Ms. Beverly Terry, Ms. Sharon Thompson, Ms. Shirley Spearman, Ms. Ruth Boss, Mr. Stanley Dobler, Ms. Chris Leavitt, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sanders, Mrs. Wesley Morrison, John Hargrove, Linda Luttrell, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Frank, Ms. Roberta Hollis, Mr. and Mrs. David Pendley, Mr. Dallas Ferguson, Ms. Diane France, Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Humphries, Mr. John Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Martin, Ms. Donna Stewart, Ms. Beverly Evans

Super Senior Members –  Mr. Joe Downs, Ms. Caroline Kilgo, Ms. Garriline Jurko, Ms. Dorothy Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Love, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Listen, Betty Coyner Schmid, Mr. Richard Sias, Mr. Raymond Hicks, Ms. Velta Taylor, Ms. Beverly Evans, Dr. William Van Osdol, Ms. Alice Coffman, Dr. Hall Duncan, Mr. Wallace Fisher, Ms. Mary Louise Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. John Hammond, Mr. Charles Ming, Mr. Ron Paddack, Mr. John Vaughan, Ms. Shirley Cox, Mr. Morris Gibson, Mr. Bill Kiespert, Ms. Carol Smaglinski, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Gragg, Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton, Mr. Earl Rice, Ms. Margaret Whitaker, Mr. Ed Bruce, Mr. David Hansen, Mr. Dwain Huebert, Ms. Pat McFall,  Mr. Wesley Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Verlin Richardson, Ms. Ruth Steward, Mr. Richard Whitman, Ms. Frances Morris, Ms. Margaret Hostetter, Ms. Joyce Demarest, Ms. Darlene Oakley, Everett Leon Collins, Karlena Risenhoover, Wanda Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Evans, Raymond Hicks, Barbara Chase Purtell, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Morrison, Mr. James Forsythe, Ms. Clara Lou Coody, Ms. Alice Rowley, Mr. John Wendell Simmons, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schmid

Student Members –Nathan Halaoui, Alaina Martin


Annual Memberships

Business…………………… $175
Contributing……….…….. $90
Family……………………… $50
Individual…………………. $35
Senior (62-74)………….. $20
Super Senior (75+)…….. $10
Student……………………. $10



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