Cowboy/Cowgirl Party: Have children come dressed in cowboy/cowgirl attire
Cake ideas: Horse, Cowboy hat
Favor: Cowboy hat, Handkerchief

Sheriff & Robber Party:  Let children pick if they want to come dressed as a Sheriff or Robber.
Cake ideas: Sheriff badge, Cowboy hat
Favor: Little bags full of fake money candy

Train Conductor Party: Have children come dressed as Train Conductor attire, ex. striped hat, overhauls, red handkerchief.
Cake ideas: Train, Train ticket
Favor: Train whistle

1889 Homestead Party: Have children come dressed in 1889 attire, ex. bonnets, long dresses, aprons.
Cake ideas: Doll shaped
Favor/Activity: Handkerchief dolls

Cowgirl Party: Have children come dressed in cowgirl attire
Cake ideas: Horse, Cowgirl hat
Favor/Activity: Decorate cowgirl hat, decorate handkerchief

Tea Party: Want to really dress up? Have children come dressed in nice 19th century attire, i.e. dresses with lace, big hats, umbrellas, and gloves.
Cake ideas: Tea cup
Favor/Activity:  Dress up items, play jewelry

*The Edmond History Museum & Museum does not provide any of the materials for the “Themed Birthday Parties”. but are happy provide the event with a fun and appropriate background.