In addition to providing unique history lessons, in close proximity to local schools, the Edmond History Museum & Museum has built its educational programming with an eye for excellence.

Our Oklahoma Certified Teacher and our special curriculum give the scholars a unique experience of a lifetime.  While they practice their penmanship and play games from 1889, they are really applying themselves in new ways that can be one-of-a-kind learning moments for students, teachers and parents.

Following the Oklahoma PASS skills requirements designated by the Oklahoma Board of Education, the 1889 Schoolhouse Field Trip and our “History in a Trunk” programs are more than just a fun day in the past.  By signing your students up for their visit to 1889, you can be sure that children will be applying essential skills which are required by their school system and have a built-in experiential twist.

Book your field trip today by calling the Program Director of the Museum at 340-0078.