Monkey Bars & Walking Trails: Over 100 Years of Edmond Parks

“Big, little, old and young are urged to visit the park for rest, recreation or work.”

Edmond Sun, May 5, 1921

The creation and development of Edmond’s parks required the vision of the town founders along with the dedication of individuals and citizen groups alike. A park was a prominent feature in the earliest maps of Edmond, denoting the importance of a public gathering place to the town founders. Dedicated residents held benefits and planted trees to beautify “the park” and it was a rare event that didn’t include speeches at the park as part of the festivities.

Still a focal point for public gatherings, the Edmond park system currently includes thirty-two parks and sports facilities many connected with a series of trails that will continue to grow throughout the city.  This variety of public spaces still requires the collaboration of citizen groups and city staff creating programs, providing improvements, and maintaining the natural spaces that encourage residents to “visit the park.”

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