Schoolhouse Field Trips

Join us at the 1889 Schoolhouse for a hands-on field trip experience for your students. Students experience a school day in 1889, led by a real Schoolmarm (who is a certified teacher). Students will pretend and dress like they are in 1889, write with pen and ink, do their math on slates, play with historical toys are recess and experience an unforgettable day. Designed primarily for students in 3rd and 4th grade, this field trip is aligned with the OAS skills.

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Schoolhouse Field Trips

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Target Field Trip Grants

Target will award five thousand grants of $700 each to schools across the United States for the upcoming school year. Teachers can use a grant to fund a school field trip that connects their curriculum to out-of-school experiences. The deadline for schools to apply is September 30th.

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