Merit Badge Programs for Scouts BSA

Attention! Due to the current social distancing recommendations in response to COVID-19, most in-house programs at the museum have been suspended. This includes Fall/Winter 2020-21 merit badge programs. However, the museum’s merit badge counselors have prepared digital packets for your Scout to keep on Scouting! These packets are interactive workbooks that have been designed to fill all requirements, virtually, while keeping your Scout engaged through stories, videos, interviews, projects, and experiments. All programs are self-paced to align with Scouts BSA requirements.

See merit badge opportunities below. Registration is at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to view a free sample of any of the programs, below, please email your request to [email protected]

Citizenship in the Community

Required for Eagle

America is a patchwork of communities! Your Scout will get to know their own community a little better while earning their complete badge.

Citizenship in the Nation

Required for Eagle

Scouts already know what it means to be a good American citizen through action! However, knowing the basic concept of American democracy will help Scouts not take their rights and freedoms for granted. That’s what this badge is all about! Scouts will learn this and more as they complete their full merit badge. Please note that content may very per state.

Citizenship in the World

Required for Eagle

Did you know your Scout is already a world citizen? How good of a citizen they are depends on their willingness to understand the values, traditions, and concerns of other people who share the world with them. That’s what this badge is all about! Scouts will learn this and more as they complete their full merit badge.

Emergency Preparedness

Required for Eagle

Scouts should learn the actions that are helpful and needed before, during, and after an emergency. That’s what emergency preparedness is all about! While earning this badge, Scouts will learn the phases of emergency management and the appropriate actions for each one. Please note that completing the First Aid merit badge is requirement #1. First Aid will not be covered in this badge, but Scouts can still complete all other requirements and receive a blue card. Details are within the digital packet, or you may email Richelle at [email protected] for more information.

Environmental Science

Required for Eagle

Your Scout will conduct at-home experiments, live the life of a worker bee, save endangered species, and become Healthy Earth Heroes as the complete their full merit badge.


Family Life

Required for Eagle

We Are Family! The family is the basic unit of our world and is important to both individuals and communities. Scouts will earn their complete badge while learning more about their own family and how they can play a very important part in making their family unit even stronger.

Personal Management

Required for Eagle

Scouts know that when you plan a hike, it is best to have a map before you begin, and to plot a course that will make for a smooth journey. In other words, Know Before You Go! Managing adult life is exactly the same. As Scouts earn their complete badge, they will learn to manage critical parts of adult life, including their money, their time, and their future. Even though they are not there just yet, it always pays to Know Before You Go!

American Heritage

America’s heritage is more than just fireworks and hot dogs on July 4th. It’s the knowledge that we live in a country founded on the principles of freedom and equality. Not only do we inherit these principles as American citizens, but our heritage gives us the ability to make positive change in America. While earning this badge, Scouts will discover America’s history, music, current events, and the power they have as ordinary citizens to make positive change. Scouts will earn their complete merit badge!



Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Learning to be a biz kid is what this badge is all about! Scouts will get into the entrepreneurial spirit as they learn skills, brainstorm to find that million dollar product, and even create their own business plan as they complete their full merit badge.


Have you been bitten by the genealogy bug? Discovering family history is what this badge is all about! Scouts will begin building their family tree and become history detectives as they complete their full merit badge.


What are people saying about these programs?

“These were great! I appreciate the time [MB counselor] gives to my badge work.” – Tessa F., Scout, Last Frontier Council

“[My Scout] was engaged the whole time. I learned a lot too!” – Rhonda L., Parent, Last Frontier Council

“I am super-impressed. The material is top-notch!” – Stuart H., Scoutmaster, Noblesville, IN

Why are these digital packets a great option for Scouts?

  • Every requirement is covered! Scouts can complete each merit badge on their own or even work with a friend!
  • These packets are self-paced. Scouts can take their time, learn, and have fun as they complete a series of questions throughout the program to ensure they have fulfilled each requirement and acquired the core values of the merit badge.
  • Scouts can choose to type their answers within the digital packet, write their answers in a provided hard copy, or discuss their answers with an MBC via Zoom. Once you register, an email will be sent to you with all instructions and links to digital packets.
  • Scouts can choose to connect with one of our MBCs on Scoutbook. Details will be in your registration confirmation.
  • Once completed, Scouts will email packets to EHSM’s qualified MB counselors for approval. Scouts can opt for feedback via email or an MBC will check off requirements in Scoutbook.
  • EHSM merit badge counselors will sign off on all requirements and send blue cards digitally or post mail depending on your preference.
  • To view a free sample of any of the above programs, email [email protected].
Registration fee is is $10 for each badge program.

Attention! If you are experiencing financial hardship during this time, but want your Scout to keep on Scouting, email [email protected] to request a scholarship to help you cover the cost of these merit badges.




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