Miss Lowery and Miss Terry teaching at the schoolhouse.

Miss Lowery and Miss Terry teaching at the schoolhouse.

Christy Adel

The Edmond History Museum is pleased to have Christy Adel on staff as our Resident Teacher. Christy is a Certified Oklahoma Teacher who loves to work with children, has a nose for history and expects the very best manners in her classroom. Her students lovingly refer to her by her stage name “Miss Terry.”

Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson  brings to our program numerous years of experience teaching various grade levels  both in the United States and abroad.  With enthusiasm, humor, and plenty of “good,old-fashioned learnin’ goin’ on”, Carol portrays 1889 schoolmarm “Miss Lowery” to our visiting scholars.

Linda Birsner

Linda fondly remembers participating in a land run reenactment when she was a child.  Growing up in Oklahoma, she developed a love for Oklahoma history, historical preservation, and education.  “Miss Quay” loves sharing life in 1889 by allowing scholars to step back in time for the day as she teaches them cyphering, orthography, recitation, penmanship, and more. She hopes to give them a memory from their childhood to last a lifetime.

The history of 1889 in Edmond is best learned and enjoyed by visiting the past.

The 1889 Schoolhouse is a restored, historic setting that encourages young scholars to step into the era of 1889. Our Educational Programs come to life with the help of our living history staff. Your Field Trip “scholars” will be impressed to see that the resident teacher leads the class in 1889 attire, teaches writing lessons in pen & ink and recreates the classroom experiences of Edmond’s pioneer children.  Book your visit to the Schoolhouse today and enjoy the historic setting of the Schoolhouse brought to life by spending a school day in 1889 and by our charming teacher.

Did you know that most One-Room Schoolhouse teachers were unmarried? Classes in the late 1800s were small with multiple grade levels taught at one time. Schoolmarms taught reading, writing and were responsible for heating the schoolhouse, hauling the water by bucket, cleaning and sometimes cooking for their students.

One-room Schoolhouses, when not in session served as a community building for dances, socials and other social activities.

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