past - Edmond History Museum

  • Darci Lynne’s Got Talent

    The Edmond History museum presents the new exhibit, Darci Lynne’s Got Talent from August 11 thru January 30, 2021. A virtual ribbon-cutting and live performance by Darci Lynne is Sunday, […]

  • Apron Strings: Ties to the Past

    Although taken for granted by many social and art historians, the apron is the subject of a fascinating reevaluation in this exhibition. Apron Strings: Ties to the Past, opening on […]

  • Back to the 1950s

    It was the era of the be-bop, the sock-hop and bibbity-bopity-boo! The 1950s were a time of great prosperity in America. New technological advancements were sweeping the country as men […]

  • The Edmond Sun: Connecting Our Community 1889-2014

    Milton “Kickingbird” Reynolds had a vision of a prosperous college town when he established his newspaper in Edmond, Oklahoma on July 18, 1889. He extolled the virtues of Edmond in […]

  • “Sign of the Times: The Great American Political Poster 1844-2012”

    March 25 – April 30, 2016 Historically, the ephemeral hardworking American political poster has been hiding in plain sight, attempting to catch our eye and capture our vote through the […]

  • Edmond People, Edmond Politics

    March 25, 2016 – December 16, 2016 In addition to taking part in local politics, Edmond residents have been interested and involved with politics at the state and national levels. […]

  • Cloth as Community: Hmong Textiles in America

    June 16 – August 11, 2017 Hmong flower cloth (or paj ntaub) is one of the world’s great textile traditions and an excellent example of cloth as community. Despite its […]

  • WW1 Slider

    Remembering World War I

    April 2017 marks 100 years since the United States entered the First World War. World War I was the first global war and over sixteen million combatants and civilians lost […]

  • The Power of Children – Making A Difference

    September 1 – October 20, 2017

  • Playground

    Once Upon A Playground

    The classic metal and wood structures that have populated playgrounds for most of the twentieth century—towering metal slides, giant jungle gyms, whirling merry-go-rounds, bouncing seesaws—have become beloved artifacts of childhood. […]